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P-56 Optical frequency measurement of Rb 5S-5P transition with a frequency comb Janis Alnis
P-57 Investigation of Hg resonance 184.9 nm line in a capillary low-pressure discharge Janis Alnis
P-58 Magneto-optical switch based on high-contrast electromagnetically induced absorption resonance Christina Andreeva
P-59 High resolution spectroscopy of Cs atomic layers of nanometric and micrometric thickness Christina Andreeva
P-60 Identifications of EUV transitions in promethium-like Pt, Ir, Os, and Re Hendrik Bekker
P-61 Identifications of optical transitions in Ir17+ for investigations of variations of fundamental constants Hendrik Bekker
P-62 The (2)1Π state in KCs: Fourier-transform spectroscopy and potential construction Inese Birzniece
P-63 Towards atomic anion laser cooling Giovanni Cerchiari
P-64 The effect of the isomeric state 229mTh on the observed hyperfine structure pattern Jerzy Dembczyński
P-65 Depletion spectroscopy and internal-state thermometry of buffer-gas-cooled polar molecules Thomas Gantner
P-66 The Rayleigh and Raman scattering of light on metastable levels of diatomics: An advanced method and new data Aleksander Glushkov
P-67 Absolute absorption and dispersion in dense alkali-metal thermal vapours Ifan Hughes
P-68 Strontium optical lattice clocks Lodewck Jérôme
P-69 Study of (3)1Π and (5)1Σ+ states of RbCs based on (3)1Π → (A − b) and (5)1Σ+ → (A − b) Fourier transform spectra analysis Artis Kruzins
P-70 Fourier transform spectroscopy and deperturbation analysis of the spin-orbit coupled A1Σ+ and b3Π states in RbCs Artis Kruzins
P-71 Alkali atoms in a strong transverse magnetic field: “guiding” transitions foretell behavior of all transitions of D1 line Aram Papoyan
P-72 Selective reflection from dense Rb2 molecular vapor Aram Papoyan
P-73 Precision isotope shift measurements of calcium ions using photon recoil spectroscopy Chunyan Shi
P-74 Energies and radiative properties of the A1Σ+ − b3Π complex in KRb: towards optimal ground-state transfer ultracold molecules Andrey Stolyarov
P-75 Direct deperturbation analysis of the A1Σ+ ~ b3Π complex in LiCs based on polarization labelling spectroscopy and ab initio calculation Andrey Stolyarov
P-76 High resolution study and deperturbation analysis of the A1Σ+ − b3Π complex in KRb Maris Tamanis
P-77 Progress in the classification of spectral lines of Praseodymium Rizwan Ur Rehman
P-78 Optical lattice atomic clocks as a reference for spectroscopy Michal Zawada
P-79 In-house XAS measurements using a von Hamos curved crystal spectrometer and an X-ray tube Faisal Zeeshan
P-80 Single-electron manipulation with resonant impurity states in silicon nanoelectronic circuits Jevgenijs Klocans
P-81 The photodetachment cross section of H: an animated-crossed-beam measurement Matthieu Genevriez
P-82 Interference effects in one-photon and two-photon ionization by femtosecond VUV pulses due to an intermediate state Alexei Grum-Grzhimailo
P-83 Photodissociation of oxygen molecules upon the absorption in Shumann-Runge bands in various environments: modeling study Kaspars Miculis
P-84 Complete measurements of anisotropic x-ray emission following recombination of highly charged ions Chintan Shah
P-85 Nonlinear optics and dynamics of atoms, molecules in an electromagnetic field and laser systems with elements of a chaos Vasily Buyadzhi
P-86 Transient switching of the Kerr nonlinearity and effect of Doppler broadening in a five- level Quantum system Hamid Reza Hamedi
P-87 Atom chip based guided atom interferometer for rotation sensing Carlos L. Garrido Alzar
P-88 BEC of photons in a dye-filled microcavity: inhomogeneities, coherence and interactions Jakov Marelic
P-89 Investigation of the H- (D-) loss from toluene’s isotopologues in the fs timescale Constantine Kosmidis
P-90 Next-Generation Ion-Atom Hybrid Traps with Increased Control over Collision Energies Pascal Eberle
P-91 Imaging the magnetic field distributions of chains of magnetic particles using nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamonds Florian Gahbauer
P-92 Hyperfine Structure, Lifetimes and Oscillator Strengths of V II Bouazza Safa
P-93 Development of a Transportable Atom Gravimeter in HUST Yaoyao Xu
P-94 Large-momentum-transfer Bragg interferometer with Strontium atoms Xian Zhang
P-95 X-ray spectroscopy as a tool to enlighten the growth of Van der Waals nanoparticles in a supersonic jet Dominique Vernhet
P-96 Vanadium Fine-Structure K-shell Electron Impact Ionization Cross Sections for Fast-Electron Diagnostic in Laser-Solid Experiments Patrick Palmeri
P-97 Semi-empirical studies of atomic transition probabilities, oscillator strengths and radiative lifetimes in Hf II Patrick Palmeri

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