European Physical Society (EPS) has issued grants to support participation of 3 young researchers holding a PhD degree in EGAS 2015 conference. The grants include waived participation fee and reimbursement of ticket and accommodation expenses not exceeding 350 EUR after arrival to EGAS 2015 venue.

The applicants should correspond to the following criteria: their PhD degree should be awarded no more than 6 years prior to the application for this grant, studying or working at a European institution and having no possibility to fund the participation at EGAS 2015 from other sources.

To enter the competition, the applicants must submit a letter of motivation, scanned PhD award document and scanned document confirming their current affiliation to European academic or scientific institution by sending these 3 documents to the email address no later than May 15, 2015.

The applicants will be notified of the competition results via email.

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