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P-1 Realization of radio-frequency assisted Förster resonances in an ensemble of a few cold Rb Rydberg atoms Christina Andreeva
P-2 Optical flux lattice using multi-frequency radiation Tomas Andrijauskas
P-3 Dual-species BEC source: First step towards matter neutrality test with atom interferometry Decamps Boris
P-4 Hybrid dynamics of an optical field and a Bose-Einstein condensation Guangjiong Dong
P-5 Borromean three-body FRET in frozen Rydberg gases Riccardo Faoro
P-6 Interferometric laser cooling of atomic rubidium Tim Freegarde
P-7 Progress towards the realization of a quantum degenerate dipolar gas of dysprosium atoms Carlo Gabbanini
P-8 Coherent light scattering from a disordered ensemble of cold atoms Alexey Kuraptsev
P-9 Proposal for laser-cooling of rare-earth ions Maxence Lepers
P-10 Towards a BEC in a time-averaged adiabatic potential ring waveguide Hector Mas Peris
P-11 Dense and cold atomic beam delivered by a 2DMOT repumped and channelled by a Laguerre-Gaussian laser beam Laurence Pruvost
P-12 Spinor quantum gases with narrow-line control Martin Robert-de-Saint-Vincent
P-13 Rotational State Cooling of Trapped Polyatomic Molecules Martin Zeppenfeld
P-14 Description of the evolution of Rydberg systems and interaction of light with multi-level atoms using Floquet technique Dmitry Efimov
P-15 Generation of Schrödinger cat states in a NMR quadrupolar system Ruben Auccaise
P-16 Pair creation and annihilation with atoms and channeling nuclei Nikolay Belov
P-17 Analysis of the spatial dependence of laser-induced fluorescence for alkali metal vapours in an intense laser beam Andris Berzins
P-18 Designed of a pulsed negative ions source Jānis Blahins
P-19 Nonlinear Magneto-Optical Rotation in Rubidium Vapor Excited to 62P1/2 State Laima Bušaite
P-20 Laser-gamma-nuclear spectroscopy of multichargedions: “Shake-up” and co-operative excitation effects, New data Vasily Buyadzhi
P-21 Electron Spectroscopy of four-photon-ionized strontium in the 715-737 nm wavelength range Samuel Cohen
P-22 Two-photon Stark Spectroscopy and Photoionization Microscopy on the Mg atom Samuel Cohen
P-23 Test of the universality of free fall with atoms in different spin Orientations Xiaobing Deng
P-24 High precision spectroscopy of single 138 Ba+ ions Elwin Dijck
P-25 High-resolution x-ray spectroscopy to probe quantum dynamics in collisions of Ar17+,18+ ions with atoms and solids Dominique Vernhet
P-26 Imaging magnetic fields by fluorescence-detected magnetic resonance in polarized atoms Ilja Fescenko
P-27 Relativistic two-photon decay rates of hydrogenic atoms with the Lagrange-mesh method Livio Filippin
P-28 Isotope shift parameters in Al I for the 3p − 4s and 3p − 3d lines Livio Filippin
P-29 Atomic and Nuclear quantum optics: Multiphoton and autoionization resonances in a strong DC electric and laser field Aleksander Glushkov
P-30 Search for the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of Xenon Olivier Grasdijk
P-31 Quadratic-linear B-spline grid for studying Ps-atom interactions in cavities Gleb Gribakin
P-32 An accurate free spin precession cesium magnetometer Zoran Grujic
P-33 Double ionization of the hydrogen sulfide molecule by electron impact:influence of the target orientation on the fivefold differential cross sections Noura Imadouchene
P-34 Spectroscopic measurements of free particles by matter-wave interferometry Fiedler Johannes
P-35 Fast transport and accumulation of cold ion clouds in a multi-zone RF-trap Marius Romuald Kamsap
P-36 Precision calculation of the spectra of Mg-like ions Elena Konovalova
P-37 Radiative Lifetimes and Transition Probabilities in Rh I Engström Lars
P-38 Lifetimes and Transition Probabilities for High-Lying Levels in Astrophysically Interesting Atoms Using Multi-Photon Excitation Engström Lars
P-39 EIT resonance inverted in magnetic field by influence of the alignment effect Claude Leroy
P-40 Study of atomic transitions of 39K isotope on D1 line in strong magnetic fields Claude Leroy
P-41 Study of Atomic Transitions of Rb D2 line in Strong Transverse Magnetic Fields by an Optical Half-Wavelength Cell Claude Leroy
P-42 The Radioactive Francium Magneto – Optical Trap in Legnaro: search for new lines in an isotopic series Emilio Mariotti
P-43 Double impulse effects during a collision of ions and diatomic molecules Nakamura Masato
P-44 A compact 0.74,T room temperature EBIT Peter Micke
P-45 H2O double ionization induced by electron impact Dahbia Oubaziz
P-46 Theoretical study of hyperfine structure of ground state in neutral Carbon Pavel Rynkun
P-47 Stark splitting effects for Er3+ in Er2O3 Pavel Rynkun
P-48 Towards a High Sensitivity Atom Accelerometer for Exploring Physics Beyond the Standard Model Dylan Sabulsky
P-49 Reanalysis and semi-empirical predictions of the hyperfine structure of 123Sb I Bouazza Safa
P-50 Calculation of Lamb shift for states with j = 1/2 Daniel Simsa
P-51 Measurement of muonium hyperfine splitting at J-PARC Kazuo Tanaka
P-52 Sensitivity of tunneling–rotational transitions in ethylene glycol to the variation of electron-to-proton mass ratio Anna Viatkina
P-53 Nuclear polarizability effects in muonic deuterium Albert Wienczek
P-54 Spin Polarisation Exchange Scattering from Nickel and Iron Samir Yousif Al-Mulla
P-55 Deceleration, cooling and trapping of heavy diatomic molecules Artem Zapara


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