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The 47th Conference of the European Group on Atomic Systems will be held at the University of  Latvia, Riga, on July 14 – 17 , 2015.

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Fundamental physics with atoms/molecules
Cold atoms and quantum gases
Photophysics of atoms and ions and AMO and FEL physics at large facilities
Quantum optics/information including cold ions
High-resolution spectroscopy/Molecular physics
Applications of AMO Physics: Astrophysics, sensors, plasma physics, . . .
Ultrafast processes
Mesoscopic quantum systems

Confirmed speakers

EPS Invited Speaker, Sir M.Berry
D. Bloch
D. Budker
F. Ferlaino
M. Kozlov
S. Maniscalco
R. Moszynski
J.M. Raimond
M. Safronova
T. Schätz
S. Schlemmer
Y. Silberberg
M. Simon
G. Tino
S. Willitsch (lecture sponsored by EPJ)


University of Latvia

University of Latvia

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